What a wonderful weekend at Dogstival!

So its been a particularly busy time for Forget-Me-Nots Keepsakes, not that we are complaining! With the launch of the website, getting ready for our first event ever and ensuring we had everything up together to take the precious paw prints at Dogstival, I couldn’t have been more bowled over by the feedback and comments from everyone we met at the show. It was immense! And a huge thank you to those of you who entrusted us to take those all important prints of your beloved fur babies.

We have been busy since, crafting those prints. Just a reminder that it is school half term this week, so I am trying to work around my little one, but we are making good progress!

With the next show this Sunday, we are looking forward to a busy and fun summer of events, meeting lots more fur babies and their hoomans!